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How to care for your wraps.

Simply wipe down with a damp cloth in cool water with a hint of detergent, if required.  Air dry them before you use them again or simple fold them for storage on your counter or in a drawer.

Please be careful using hot water or too much detergent as this may dissolve the wax that's infused in the fabric. 

Both beeswax and jojoba oil have natural antibacterial properties enabling you to reuse your wrap again and again, with proper care.

Please note, we do not recommend using the wraps with raw meat as they can’t be boil-washed, at high temperatures.

Avoid using your wraps near anything hot as this may melt the wax blend.

How long will a Food Cocoon Wrap last?

With proper care and use, your wraps should last up to a year or more. And don't forget, you can pop them in your compost bin or fireplace after!

Fabric designs

Made from 100% cotton, all Food Cocoon wraps come in limited quantities as we like to keep the fabric designs fresh. If there's a style or combination you'd like to see, please get in touch!

***Patterns may vary slightly pack to pack***

Do Food Cocoon wraps have a scent?

When you first open your package from Food Cocoon you will notice the sweet smell of beeswax.

This sweet scent usually fades away in the first week or two depending on how much you use your wraps.  

Most people think this is a delicious scent, however some are more sensitive to it so please know that it will pass quickly. 

Discount Codes

Please note that Shopify will only allow one discount code per transaction. 

The ongoing discount code SANDWICH for the purchase of two or more Single Large Wraps only applies to that product, and cannot be used in conjunction with other codes.  

Would you like some more help?

Please feel free to get in touch via email or @foodcocoon on Instagram.