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Christmas Mixed Size Set of 3 Beeswax Food Wraps

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Please ensure you have read the description in its entirety, and take care when making your pack selection.

Xmas #1: Large Star, Medium Gingerbread, Small Holly 

Xmas #2: Large Gingerbread, Medium Holly, Small Star

Xmas #3: Large Holly, Medium Star, Small Gingerbread 

Xmas #4: Large Star, Medium Cherry, Small Gingerbread 


***Patterns may vary slightly pack to pack***

***Lighter fabrics such as the holly and cherry prints may have a slight yellow hue from the beeswax blend; this does not affect the quality of the wrap***


Food Cocoon wraps are your quick and easy, plastic-free alternative for keeping food fresh.

Made from a blend of natural materials including organic beeswax,  jojoba oil, natural tree resin and 100% cotton fabric, Food Cocoon wraps are perfect for everyday use.

Great for kids' lunches, cheeses, sandwiches, cut veggies, fruit, nuts, snacks and even covering bowls.  Food Cocoon wraps can be used anywhere you are currently using glad wrap to keep your food fresh.

Food Cocoon Mixed Set sizes (new styles)

Each pack contains: 1 x large, 1 x medium, 1 x small wrap.  

Large wrap: 34cm x 34cm - ideal for large sandwiches or wraps, kilo of cheese, large vegetables like cauliflower or pumpkin and covering big bowls.

Medium wrap: 25cm x 25cm - great for cut vegetables, cheeses, smaller sandwiches or bread rolls and wrapping left over foods.

Small wrap: 20cm x 20cm - perfect for cut fruit, small wedges of cheese, half avocados and all the little bits you use in the kitchen everyday.

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