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Dragonfly Extra Large Single Beeswax Food Wrap

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Food Cocoon wraps are your quick and easy, plastic-free alternative for keeping food fresh.

Made from a blend of natural materials including organic beeswax,  jojoba oil, natural tree resin and 100% cotton fabric, Food Cocoon wraps are perfect for everyday use.

Great for kids' lunches, cheeses, sandwiches, cut veggies, fruit, nuts, snacks and even covering bowls.  Food Cocoon wraps can be used anywhere you are currently using glad wrap to keep your food fresh.

Food Cocoon Extra Large Size Wrap 35cm x 60cm

This is a new style and size of wrap from Food Cocoon. The extra large wraps are perfect for covering your food prep in roasting pans (never touching raw meats as the wraps cannot be boil-washed), large loaves of bread, or even cheese and fruit platters.


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 Please note that the Food Cocoon extra large wraps are a single pack item.

***Patterns may vary slightly pack to pack***